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Welcome to The Odd Whisky Coy!
Australia's only specialist on-line whisky retailer.  So if you are looking for fine, rare, odd and downright drinkable single malt whiskies plus other amusing dark spirits, then this is the place for you!  Direct to your door, my aim is to give the Australian malt drinker the latest and greatest in single malt whiskies and lots, lots more.

Whisky & Spirit Valuation Service
After spendering more than 14 years working as valuer and auctioneer at Oddbins Wine Auctions, I am still happy to offer a whisky, spirits and wine valuation service.

Please contact Graham for a quote:
Tel: 0417 85 22 96
Email: graham@theodd

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Trade Enquiries?
Are most welcome!
Please contact Graham for a quote:
Tel: 0417 85 22 96
Email: graham@theodd

So who am I?
My name is Graham Wright: you may remember me from the old Baily & Baily days in Adelaide, where we built up one of the largest retail outlets for single malts in Australia.  Well I've moved on.  And so did my customers.  With a little nudging from them, the team at Oddbins Wine Auctions and my old boss, Martin Baily, I set up the Odd Whisky Coy. So you could say that we are still keeping the "spirit" well and truly alive in Oz.

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The Odd Whisky Coy
Latest News...

Sweet & Lush...
Old Pulteney Stroma
Malt Whisky Liqueur
500ml 35%

Warm & lingering!

The new release of Old P's much loved whisky liqueur and check out the new bottle as well.

In their words, "Pleasantly sweet with a rich, fruity aftertaste and a warm lingering finish."

Members Price: $48
Retail: $60

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From The Vaults
Rare Whisky...

Crockett At His Best...

Midleton 1994
Very Rare 700ml 40%

 World's Greatest Blend?

  RARE One of the great blends of the world. First created by Irish Distillers head distiller, Mr Barry Crockett in 1984.

It is said that each bottling is different, but it combines casks of both single malt and grain whiskies that have been aged between 12 and 25 years of age in American oak.

From the Potsill blog as, "with a base of a rich, creamy pot still character with hints of honey, citrus and a lingering peppery finish."

Actual pic shown.

Members Price: $900
Retail: $1000

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  Odd Whisky Tweets...

The Odd Whisky Coy
The Weekly Dram

It's All About...
The New Zealand Whisky Collection
A Closed Distillery Resurrected

New Zealand!


These whiskies from The New Zealand Whisky Collection intrigued me, mainly because they came for a long disused distillery Willowbank and because they taste so good.

Diggers & Ditch: A combo of Willowbank and an unknown Tasmania distillery. All single malt whisky!

Oamaruvian 16yo: This dram is their flagship that uses the very best of their American  and French oak casks.

Doublewood 16yo: 70% malt, 30% grain

Members Offer:
Doublewood 500ml 60.1%: $95
Diggers & Dirch 500ml 45%: $120
Oamaruvian 500ml 60.1%: $140


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Whisky Of The Month
For August...

Three Oaks!
Tomatin Five Virtues
Wood 700ml 46%

  Deliciously Spicy!

A big palate of rich maltiness and lively spirit, but the oak handling is most impressive.

For you see, this dram is matured in French, American and Hungarian oak!

So kitchen spice is to fore.

Bravo I say!!

Members Price: $130
Retail: $160

What I'm Drinking
At The Moment..

So Young...
Kavalan Solist Port
Cask Strength 700ml 57.8%
  Yet So Mouthfilling!

This Port wood takes Kavalan another level.

Long, lingering palate, good mix of malt to oak and you just can't taste the alcohol.

It is so well balanced. The Port wood just adds a degree of intrigue, complexity and restrained fruitiness.

Pic indicative only.

Members: $270
Retail: $330


What's Hot
In Whisky This Winter...

  All Time Fave..

Caol Ila 2002 11yo
Distillers Edition
700ml 43%

Peated To Perfection!

Take one standard issue Caol Ila 12yo with its pure & heavily peated spirit and pour it into a cask that once held a lusciously sweet Moscatel dessert style wine.

And it works, that old synergy of sweet flavours contrasting dry smokey flavours.

Members Price: $135
Retail: $150

Personalised Whisky

Your Own Personalised..
Spencer Collings Imperial Tribute
Blended Single Malt Whisky
700ml 46%

Imperial Tribute is a blended single malt, mainly sourced from Speyside and is a melange of 10, 20, 30 and 40 year old malts with a good dose of sherry oak in the medley.

And the taste? Sublimely rich, balanced and oh, so very long.

And best of all? You get to personalise the bottle and the certificate at no extra cost!

Special terms and conditions apply.

Members Price incl
Personalisation: $225

The One & Only

Damn Pukka Gin...
Cadenhead Old Raj Gin
700ml 55%

The Colonel Is Never Wrong!

Haven't tried it yet? Our star performer in 2008, 2009, 2010 and now 2017 - big, intensive, loads of saffron, clean & pure & makes one mighty dry martini.

And look at the alcohol weight...55%! With Old_Raj, the colonel is never wrong..

Members Price: $89

Direct From

The Ultimate..

Le Nez Du Whisky
54 Aromas Kit

Whisky Aroma Guide!

The Le Nez Du Whisky is a collection of 54 aromas that make up the DNA of this marvellous spirit, with floral, fruity, spicy, toasty, woodsy, vinous, phenolic, peaty and marine notes and is accompanied by a detailed tasting book and guide.

The classification is presented in families on an aroma wheel included in the box

Members Price: $699

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