The Seven Have Returned…

Game Of Thrones: On of the most watched TV shows on earth and as the The Guardian reported, "by 2014 it was "the biggest drama" and "the most talked about show on television."

So, it made entire sense when global drinks behemoth, Diageo (owner of Johnnie Walker etc etc etc) decided to have a single malt tie in.

And didn't the fans just love it, as the Thrones malts sold out almost instantly in 2019 when the set of eight themed malts were released.

Cardhu Gold Reserve Game Of Thrones House Targaryen

700ml 40%Cardhu Gold Reserve Game Of Thrones House Targaryen

So, let's start with Cardhu: Gold Reserve House of Targaryen. I'm not going to get into a commentary on the show, it's characters or it's story line. I really don't have enough space!

And with Cardhu it's all about the sweetness, from the toasty oak to the creamy malt and the sweet apple fruitiness with even a touch of marzipan. There's also a hint of kitchen spice as well.

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Dalwhinnie Game Of Thrones House Stark Winters Frost

700ml 43%Dalwhinnie Game Of Thrones House Stark Winters Frost

And so, to the Dalwhinnie, a no age statement American oak matured dram that according to Flaviar tastes of, "Incredibly soft and warming honeyed fruit on the palate with light floral notes and a touch of spice. Soft and spicy finish with a note of honey."

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Glendullan Select Game Of Thrones House Tully

700ml 40%Oban Bay Reserve Game Of Thrones The Night's Watch

And now we are onto the Glendullan, looks like an American oak matures Speysider, with Flaviar declaring, "Sweet and spicy with chewy flavors of sweet fruits and deep notes of violets and orange peel. Warm and powerful dry finish with a lovely perfumed aftertaste".

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Lagavulin Game Of Thrones 9yo House Lannister

700ml 46%Lagavulin Game Of Thrones 9yo House Lannister

And then to one of Diageo's most famous distilleries, Lagavulin. There has been a suggestion that first and second fill barrels were used, so as to introduce a layer of sweetness to this venerable dram.

According to Spigrey on Whisky Base, "Very salty, very malty, sweet. Liquorice, apples, overripe bananas. There's a faint floral touch to it. Strong tea and quite some caramel! Touches of glue but in a pleasant way! And it's sooo gentle on the tongue! The finish is long and very salty, still hints of banana and liquorice. 91/100."

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Oban Bay Reserve Game Of Thrones The Night's Watch

700ml 43%Oban Bay Reserve Game Of Thrones The Night's Watch

To think, that almost twelve months ago, I was at the Oban distillery, wondering what all these "Night Watch" motifs plastered over the visitors centre and the still house. I was a touch naive about the whole GOT phenomena.

And so to the Oban GOT: copped a bit of criticism from some whisky folks for being a tad too easy drinking. But Markjedi1 on WhiskyBase reckons, "Good body. Creamy and round. The fruit returns, but is joined with some nutmeg, black pepper and cinnamon. Some mint. A very malty heart and a sweet note, drying a bit as it lingers on the palate. Dark caramel. Marzipan and salted caramel. I quite like this. The medium long to long finish still offers up spices, while the sweet notes are overcome by salty notes. A bitterness at the death. 85/100."

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Royal Lochnagar Game Of Thrones 12yo House Baratheon

700ml 40%Royal Lochnagar Game Of Thrones 12yo House Baratheon

I like Royal Lochnager. Rich and malty, soft oak, a touch fruity and overall, just a damn fine dram. But this distillery is so well hidden. Such a shame. So I looked forward to seeing this one under the GOT guise. Pleasingly this a 12yo dram and it shows a supple, well balanced style. All American oak of course. Not the most expressive RL I've seen, but when you just can't get hold of an OB, this will have to do.

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Talisker Game Of Thrones House Greyjoy

700ml 45.8%Talisker Game Of Thrones House Greyjoy

And so finally to another well-loved malt, Talisker. And thankfully this dram has some proper distillery character. Plenty of white pepper on the nose, sea air and smoke flavours on the palate.

Markjedi! on WhiskyBase explains, "The nose is wonderfully complex with those typical Talisker notes on the one hand – smoke, pepper and citrus – but also some great hints of green olives, beef jerky and cloves. Some tobacco leaves and salted milk chocolate. Good mouth feel. Creamy and full. Again quite a bit of pepper, woodspices, vanilla and some apricots, but it's the salted chocolate (or is it salted caramel) that takes the lead. The pepper becomes grand. Make that chili. Hint of heather and menthol. That continues on in the medium long finish, ending in chocolate, tobacco and pepper. Great Talisker. 86/100."

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