Hi All,

For this week a mixed bag with a couple of bottles I picked up recently that are absolute old school classics. The I'm going to offer you 1 only three pack of Aussie malts that would be fair to say were quite controversial.

And yes, I feel your pain with how expensive whiskies are getting, so how about an all bourbon cask matured Speysider for under $100?

Don't forget Whisky Freedom in Perth this Feb and for those in Adelaide, The Rob Roy is putting on Part 2 of the William Cadenhead story.

So read on…

The Big G


Something Old, Single Bottles Only...

Glen Mhor 10yo Old Bottling

750ml 43%glenmhor malt 10

An original bottling from when Charles Mackinlay bottlers owned the brand. This Inverness distillery was built in 1892 and closed down during the Whisky Loch closures by United Distillers in 1983. I would have thought that this bottling was from the mid to late 1970's, but according to Malt Maniacs, this Mackinlay bottling dates from 1970!

I have been fortunate to try a few bottlings, especially from G&M and found them to be rich and oily, while scotch whisky.com found them to be punchy and meaty. But always intriguing.

1 x bottle only, no box.

And how about the bottle shape. Does it look familiar?

Retail: $850
Members: $700


Springbank 12yo Old Bottling

750ml 43%springbank oldbottling 12

Possibly from distillate from the early 1970's so possibly bottled in the early 1980's. But what we do know that it comes from the period when the distillery was closed, from 1979 through to 1985.

For all my all my dealings with with Springbank, I have yet to try it. But I would hazard a guess that the minimum age of this dram is 12 years.

As to flavour, even in that era when the distillery was going through some hard times, the telltale saltiness and that famous whiff of bonfire smoke would have been there. Along with a hint of sherry oak.

Retail: $3,000
Members: $2,800


Something New-ish & Maybe Controversial…

McLaren Vale Distiller Bloodstone First Releases

Chapter 1 Series 1 & 3mclarenvale 121set nas
Chapter 2 Series 1
1 x Three Pack

350ml Per Bottle Approx 63.5%

There have been some quite big expectations with this new distillery in SA's McLaren Vale wine region.

And I have to say, the sample I've tried there's plenty of big flavours but the underlying spirit is very refined.

Note the size of the bottles!

Three-Bottle Retail: $1800
This Week Only! $750


And Finally, Something Easy On The Pocket...

Cadenhead Speyburn 2008 10yo

700ml 46%cadenhead speyburn2008 10

A big distillery that probably not many people in Australia would have heard of. But I was quite surprised to read that the output of this distillery approached 4.5 million litres annually. That's surprisingly quite big.

Vanilla, nuts and spice are the hallmarks of this spirit. All bourbon oak matured, out-turn is a miserly 348 bottles.

According to Cadenheads, "Chocolate truffles, orange sweets and aniseed. Cinnamon and wood spice finish."

Retail: $119
This Week Only! $99