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Welcome to The Odd Whisky Coy!
Australia's only specialist on-line whisky retailer.  So if you are looking for fine, rare, odd and downright drinkable single malt whiskies plus other amusing dark spirits, then this is the place for you!  Direct to your door, my aim is to give the Australian malt drinker the latest and greatest in single malt whiskies and lots, lots more.

Whisky & Spirit Valuation Service
After spendering more than 14 years working as valuer and auctioneer at Oddbins Wine Auctions, I am still happy to offer a whisky, spirits and wine valuation service.

Please contact Graham for a quote:
Tel: 0417 85 22 96
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Trade Enquiries?
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Please contact Graham for a quote:
Tel: 0417 85 22 96
Email: graham@theodd

So who am I?
My name is Graham Wright: you may remember me from the old Baily & Baily days in Adelaide, where we built up one of the largest retail outlets for single malts in Australia.  Well I've moved on.  And so did my customers.  With a little nudging from them, the team at Oddbins Wine Auctions and my old boss, Martin Baily, I set up the Odd Whisky Coy. So you could say that we are still keeping the "spirit" well and truly alive in Oz.

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The Odd Whisky Coy
Latest News...

It's All About......
Old Rip Van Winkle 10yo
Kentucky Straight Bourbon
750ml 45%

Good 'Ole USA!!

One of the greats of the American whiskey industry.

Highly sought after, highly prized and well awarded over the years with some pretty high scores.

This is an older version, as the newer ones are at cask strength.

Members Price: $650
Retail: $700

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From The Vaults
Rare Whisky...

One Of The Greats...

Pappy Van Winkle 15yo
Family Reserve Kentucky Bourbon
750ml 53.5%

 One Bottle Only!

  Uber rare.

Highly sought after, in fact some say the holy grail of bourbon!

And in this case a well-aged wheated bourbon.

Members Price: $1500
Retail: $1900

The Odd Whisky Coy
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The Odd Whisky Coy
The Weekly Dram

USA & Friends...
American & International
Whiskey Sale

It's Whiskey With An "E"...

This week is all about different grains, sour mashes and loads of new oak as we explore the world of American style whiskies.

Plus, there is a little sale that won’t leave a sour taste in your mouth…

Look out for...

Blantons, Bluestill, Tiger Snake, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, High West, Jeffersons, Laws, Few, Heaven Hill and lots, lots more...

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Whisky Of The Month
For October...

Japanese Blend!
Shinsu Mars Maltage Cosmo
Blended Malt Whisky
700ml 43%


It's Japanese. It's from a relatively new malt distillery and it's a blended malt.

And did I tell you that it's Japanese?

Well it sort of is and it is sort of not as the make up of this blend is part Japanese and part Scottish.

Fresh, youthful, malty, fruity with a hint chocolate.

Members Crazy Price: $119
Retail: $250

What I'm Drinking
At The Moment..

The Best One Yet...
Springbank 12yo
Cask Strength Batch 14
700ml 54.2%

  And There's Some Left!

Simply the best Springbank Cask Strength I have ever tasted.

So there.

Big dose of sherry, that famed light smoke and saltiness and freshness.

Stunning. Highly limited.

Members: $149


What's Hot
In Whisky This Spring...

  Classic American..
Willet Pot Still Reserve
Kentucky Straight Bourbon
750ml 49%


What a splendid looking bottle! A dry style of bourbon, first released in 2008.

As with many American brands, Willet do not own a still, as the spirit is produced and aged, to their specifications, elsewhere.

Members Price: $99
Retail: $120

Personalised Whisky

Your Own Personalised..
Spencer Collings Imperial Tribute
Blended Single Malt Whisky
700ml 46%

Imperial Tribute is a blended single malt, mainly sourced from Speyside and is a melange of 10, 20, 30 and 40 year old malts with a good dose of sherry oak in the medley.

And the taste? Sublimely rich, balanced and oh, so very long.

And best of all? You get to personalise the bottle and the certificate at no extra cost!

Special terms and conditions apply.

Members Price incl
Personalisation: $225

The One & Only...

Damn Pukka Gin...
Cadenhead Old Raj Gin
700ml 55%

The Colonel Is Never Wrong!

Haven't tried it yet? Our star performer in 2008, 2009, 2010 and now 2017 - big, intensive, loads of saffron, clean & pure & makes one mighty dry martini.

And look at the alcohol weight...55%! With Old_Raj, the colonel is never wrong..

Members Price: $99

Getting Your Whiskies
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