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The Odd Whisky Coy aim to supply the long-suffering malt whisky lovers with single malts that are fine, rare, odd and always downright drinkable.

Rare Whisky Australia

We bring oceans of whisky to Australian shores that would not usually be available.  Through exclusive deals, one off auction purchases and a lot of patience we now have a catalogue of over 300 of the world’s best whiskies – all here to be shipped direct to your door! Along with international whisky, we also stock many fine examples of the best Australian whisky.

Along with a catalogue of the weird and wonderful, we are also the Australian agents for Springbank Distillers, The Firkin Whisky Company and Blackadder International.

How it all


The Odd Whisky Coy – the Coy is an old 1930’s shortening of company – was the brainchild of none other than Martin Baily, my old boss, Merrilyn Middleton my then-new boss and yours truly in 2003.

Martin had just sold his premium liquor stores to a national chain and he was mooching around looking for something to do.

So, he followed me to Oddbins Wine Auctions, where I was the valuer and auctioneer, and easily convinced both Merrilyn and I to get back into the whisky business.

The Odd Whisky Coy was born.

With over 25 years’ experience in the premium wine and whisky trade, I can offer my customers both expert advice and top-notch customer service across valuation and purchase. We are now one of the biggest single malt online whisky stores in Australia.

We also conduct


Ever wonder what that old bottle’s worth?

Graham might even buy it, if you’re parting ways…