Hazelburn 10yo
700ml 46%

Hazelburn has always been the shy sibling to it's big brother Springbank.  Created in the mid 1990's by the now legendary Springbank distiller Mr Frank McHardy from his experiences working in Ireland, Hazelburn was always meant to be the softer, more gentler style of the three malts that come out of the Springbank distillery. 

Triple distilled, no peat with the flagship 10yo being all bourbon cask matured.  But unfortunately, the general public have always associated triple distilled malts as light and breezy.  Which is such a shame, as the Springbank version of this type of malt is quite different, as you would expect.

There is weight and texture in this dram, with the malt coming to the fore.

Official notes read, "The triple distillation ensures this is a smooth and elegant dram with the bourbon maturation providing rich vanilla and milk chocolate flavours alongside refreshing, honey and zesty notes.  Finish: A refined milk chocolate and creamy finish which gently fades away, allowing enough time to refill you glass and repeat".

An older review by blogger SWB:

"Palate: Thick and mouth coating with gently sweet, fruity oils with a pinch of spices. The quality from the nose comes through clearly into the palate. There’s a fudgey, creamy quality, and chocolate. Finish: Jam packed with gorgeous flavours, some of which are from the great quality bourbon wood. It’s really long and leaves flavours on your palate for yonks, as long as many a peated whisky. Thoughts: I was hugely impressed with this dram when I had it as the first dram of a big Islay tour, and it always stood out in my mind after the tour, which already marked it out as a potential gem."

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