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Glendronach 2002 14yo Single Cask 1504 PX Sherry Puncheon
700ml 55.50%
Glendronach's January 2016 Single Cask Release: Young, lively and full sherry matured. 674 bottles released world wide.

Glendronach 2003 13yo Single Cask 4034 PX Sherry Puncheon
700ml 52.50%
Glendronach's January 2016 Single Cask Release: Young, lively and full sherry matured. 696 bottles released world wide.

Glendronach 2004 12yo Single Cask 5521 PX Sherry Puncheon
700ml 57.30%
This 2016 release of the famed Glendronach single casks is always a welcome treat. For this year we have almost a baby Glendro on offer. PX Sherry oak matured, cask strength and only 664 bottles were released worldwide. Official notes state, "Sumptuous depths of sweet dates and ripe figs hold a crisp oak, herbal balance complementing the rich sherry character."

Glendronach 25yo Grandeur Batch 007 Oloroso Sherry Casks
700ml 50.60%
This is the 2016 release for Australia of the famed and desired Grandeur. Now a 25yo but only 1180 bottles released worldwide. And this note from the Whisky Ranter blogger who doesn't "love" Speyside whiskies, "Stewed plums, dry spices, almonds and even cocoa kept resurfacing and falling back into the depths of sherried darkness with a puff of sweet cigar smoke seeing them all off. In the mouth the spirit seemed to be coalescing around an uncompromisingly spicy centre of cloves, cardamon, and black pepper until an astringent blip halted the promising development. On the midpalate fresh and creamy tropical fruits single-handedly prevailed over somewhat obstinate tannins and spices. The finish was as big as it was complex: the juiciness of red berries, spiciness of stewed plum compote, dryness of dark chocolate, sweetness of honeycomb…"

Glendullan 1998 16yo Centenary Single Cask
700ml 62.60%
RARE Big old fashioned malt produced in very small numbers for the distillery’s centenary and was bottled in 1998. Has been described as elegant yet firm & grassy. Notes from Whisky Fun, "Nose: punchy and interestingly grassy, on cut cactus and newly cut grass. Rather extreme in its own genre. Mouth: sweeter and more on lemon and grapefruit, extremely clean. Sleek and elegant, pretty much in the Rare Malts style (close to the distillery character and without compromise). 85 points."

Glenmorangie Signet
700ml 46.00%
It's Back!!! Signet: I was wondering how long it would take until some clever distiller decided to play with his/hers wash. So once again, those innovators at Glenmorangie have pulled it off, using a highly toasted barley malt or to use the brewers terms, a chocolate malt, sourced from around Tain. The resultant whisky was then matured in a combination of ex bourbon, Oloroso and get this, new oak casks as well! And wait there is more, this spirit is then married to a number of other well aged (up to 35yo) Glenmorangie spirits. And the results: Pungent, perfumy, even afterhsvae, plenty of roasted malt flavours, along with sherry and Artisan cask richness, plenty of fruit cake characters as well.

Gordon & MacPhail Glen Albyn 1974 26yo
700ml 40.00%
RARE Glen Albyn was closed as part of the Whisky Loch closures by United Distillers in the early to mid 1980's. The distillery was part of the famous Inverness three and was founded in 1844. Actual pic shown.

Gordon & MacPhail Glen Mhor 12yo
700ml 40.00%
RARE Opened 1892, closed 1983. Now the site for a supermarket. Part of the trio of very famous Inverness distilleries, with some declaring Glen Mhor (Glen Vaw) to be the best of the three. Actual pic shown.

Gordon & MacPhail Le Cornu Longmorn 1974 33yo
700ml 43.70%
David Le Cornu certainly has a nose for finding exceptional, well aged single malt whiskies. He also has the unique ability of knowing the potential in young whiskies in cask. Who can ever forget his two very famous Macallan 25yo's that set the market alight in the early 2000's? David did it again in 2007, by releasing a carefully nutured, full sherried Longmorn to perfect maturity. This is a malt where nothing is out of place. A medium rich style that is massively long, beguilingly sweet, gently warming and very mouthfilling. Tasting of dried citrus peel, citrus oil, raisined cane fruits and a hint of Highland peat. And there's hints of cardamom, tobacco & Brazil nuts. The oak is superb: soft & chewy and the spirit adds life to the sweetness. The finish is drying and slightly astringent, maybe even a touch tannic. And it is at true cask strength. So to 2018, and David has released a small handful of this amazing malt for sale. And as a treat special treat, David will personalize each label with a name of your choice! BTW this dram was an award winner in 2010 at the MWSoA awards. Brilliant stuff!! Bravo David.

Heartwood 2000 15yo Devil In The Detail Bourbon Oak
500ml 73.50%
Is this the world's strongest single malt? Could it be Australia's oldest whisky? Was distilled at Tasmania Distillery in April 2000 with an incredible outturn of just 152 bottles.

Heartwood Darkest Before Dawn 2009 8yo Lark LD559 Oloroso Sherry
500ml 64.00%
Another blockbuster from Mr Duckett. This time a full strength Lark matured in Aussie Oloroso casks. Very limited.

Heartwood Shade Of Night 2010 7yo Lark LD653 Sherry Cask
500ml 66.60%
Another new Heartwood for Autumn 2018. As always, TD states that this is his best whisky yet!

Heartwood The Beagle 3 Lark Tasmania Distillery Blended Single Malt Whisky
500ml 68.40%
The latest from the stables of Mr Tim Duckett. In his words, "Evolved from nine Lark and Tasmania Distillery casks: Boubon, port, sherry, pinot and peated, 18%." Bottled May 2015.

High Spirits Littlemilll 1992 21yo Spirit Of Scotland Rome Whisky Festival
700ml 48.00%
It amazees me that the official botltings of Littlemill were bordering on the awful, but this unique distillery, pot still with a column rectifyer, has become something of cult malt amongst collectors.

Kavalan Solist Vihno Barrique Single Cask Worlds Best Single Malt
700ml 54.80%
Yep, this is the whisky that won the 2015 Worlds Spirit Awards for World's Best Single Malt Whisky. From the Awards notes, "Lots of stewed fruits on the nose. There’s also aged Bourbon notes. Water brings out custard creams. Surprisingly smooth on the palate. The alcohol is very present. It’s like Bourbon infused milk chocolate."

Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Single Cask Strength
700ml 57.80%
RARE No, it's not the award winner, but I tell you what, it is really difficult to pin down what cask won that award. This offering is from cask W091127026A with an out-turn of 253 bottles and I believe the oak is American that had American wine in it. The bottle is dressed in a gold neck ribbon. But a beaut malt nonetheless and being typical Kavalan, it has a huge flavour.

Kininvie 1990 17yo Hazelwood Reserve Janet Sheed Roberts 105 Proof First Fill Sherry Cask
700ml 52.50%
One of the rare times you can try this distillate as finished single malt. The so-called secret distillery of Wm Grant & Sons. In fact it is a still within the Glenfiddich, Balvenie complex. The original idea was for this spirit to be used in blends. But a little bit managed to get out.

Laphroaig 10yo Imported By Long John Aust
750ml 43.00%
RARE And it most certainly is! Long John Aust operated up until the late 1980's and given that this is 750ml bottling, my feeling is that this bygone gem, probably came out to Australia in the mid 1980's or possibly even earlier? This would mean classic Laphroaig: masses of seaweed dripping peat along with the reek of TCP and iodine. Actual pic shown.

Lochside 10yo Macnab Distillers
750ml 40.00%
RARE Official bottling, how about that! This now closed Highlands distillery always had an attraction for me. Mainly because of its unique texture. The spirit is just like jelly: fat, glycerin, sweetly flavoured. And well, just so different. The distillery was first opened in 1957! The aim of the owners was to produce a combination of malt and grain spirit that would be co-matured for future blended releases. Actual pic shown.

Longrow 11yo Red Australian Cabernet Sauvignon Cask
700ml 52.10%
The Springbank whisky with an Aussie connection. Our very own Mr Shane K had a hand in this whiskies development, as he is the one who brokered a deal to send Angove's Longrow brand casks to Springbank. The original barrels had cabernet in them, hence the name "red" and the very distinctive colour of the malt: a bright red! 7 years in bourbon, 4 in red casks. I thought it was originally going to be called Longrow Longrow, but alas no. Sadly, no mention of the Aussie connection is on the label. BUT the dram is a beaut, loads of salt tang, embery peat and caramel creams. Just about sold out world wide. The official notes state, "Nose: A real treat. Sweet in the beginning; raspberry jam and hints of rose petal. As the nose develops it reveals a light peatiness, with cherries, red grapefruit and blood oranges. Palate: Oh thereʼs the peat! Initially oaky and leathery with a little bit of tobacco and salt, the Cabernet Sauvignon influence appears later with some blackberries and cinnamon. A very chewy dram. Finish: Long and peaty. Definitely coastal in style, there is a touch of mellow fruitiness here too. "

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  ITEMS 221 TO 240 OF 399
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