5Nines Distilling Vatted Single Malt Bourbon Cask Lightly Peated Batch 001 South Australia Single Malt


Sold out!

Entry level offering that does not fall short of their high standards.

Sold out!

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This new Adelaide Hills distillery is impressive on two fronts. David Pease and Steven Griguol have managed in a very short time to produce a spirit that is clean and fruity, the oak handling is pleasingly subtle and balanced, it really shows both the distillers and their oak supplier, Barossa based A. Stiller Coopers, are thinking alike.

And best of all? You can taste the SA grown malt!

And all of this comes from a new start up, who’s distillery is in a garage and a still that was hand built, including the shaping of the still, by the remarkable Steven Grigual.

What a way to start!

This Vatted malt is their entry level offering and it does not fall short of their high standards: American oak matured, lightly peated with coastal SE Australian peat. And the taste? Hallmark balance, full, long and lingering palate, the peat adds a dash of saltiness to vanilla, chocolate, honey and autumn fruit flavours. 631 bottles only.

Dangerously drinkable.

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