Aberlour A’Bunadh Batch 79

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Rich, charred oak and marmalade…

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Well, well, well Batch 79. Who would have thought it? This longstanding cask strength, richly flavoured, sherry matured malt has been a mainstay on the Australian whisky scene for well over 20 years. And for most that that it rarely has missed a beat.

And even after 80 batches, the same or similar formula is still used to great applause from A’bunadh devotees (me included) : Oloroso sherry butts and bottled at cask strength.

From a well-known retailer, “Dried, sherried fruits and baking spices aplenty, with rich, charred oak and marmalade. Sweet spices linger, joined by gingerbread, cacao, and a tickle of pepper”.


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