Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degrees Ginger Ale Cask Batch 001 South Australia Whiskey


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A whiskey and dry in a single bottle…

Sold out!

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There is no stopping young Mr Sacha La Forgia.  if there is a boundary to be pushed, this expert distiller will do it cheerfully.

So, a he took some Fever Tree orange ginger ale, filled one of his oak casks with it.  Let it seep for a bit.  Tip it out and fill it with Aussie whiskey.  And then let it sit for a bit.

Basically it’s a whiskey and dry in a single bottle.

Official notes read, “Gingernut biscuits, along with dried orange and chocolate. A faint touch of jaffa, along with the signature biscuit character.  Bright and fresh ginger spice lingering, before giving way to cinnamon and orange”.



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