Appleton 1962 50yo Independence Reserve Jamaica Rum


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True elegance…

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What an extraordinary bottling of such an extremely aged spirit.  It makes you ask. how on earth did they manage to age it for so long?

From RumRatings, “Appleton Estate 50-Year Rum was crafted in 1962 to celebrate Jamaica’s full independence from Britain. Barrels were set aside to age with the intention of bottling the rums decades later in celebration of the country’s 50th independence anniversary.

According to the plan, Appleton Estate announced the sale of 800 bottles of this 50 year old rum in June 2012. Aged over 50 years, this rum is the world’s oldest barrel-aged rum”.

The rum itself is a combination of pot-stilled and column-stilled rums, though the exact percentage of each in the final blend is not disclosed. The barrels were all x-Bourbon, originally shipped as staves and reassembled by coopers at Appleton Estate. Thirteen barrels made it through the process, each chained to the warehouse floor for added security and evaluated twice a year by Spence.

According to one RumRatins member, “For a rum that has spent as long in oak as this one (minimum of 50 years, maximum of 55) Appleton Estate 50 Year demonstrates true elegance. Wonderfully balanced this rum shows a beautiful spice and citrus entry which is rounded out by the oak and then an incredibly long finish with hints of tobacco. 10/10”.

From the RumHowlerBlog, ““… I sensed strong notes of oak and orange peel zest rising above the glass imprinted with deep dark brown sugar and baking spices. The dark brown sugar smells grow stronger over time as do the baking spices which display scents of spicy nutmeg, and cinnamon. I also smell walnuts and a strong impression of vanilla.A vague herbal note is in the air as well, which is hard for me to decipher, lemongrass perhaps…”

The decanter is made by Glencairn and the whole package weighs a tonne.

Note Well: Plastic cork cover perforation has partially come apart.  The book holder has come adrift.  Please contact the Big G for extra pics.

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