A new special release from Ardbeg for 2022 and dear oh dear, along with the rest of media, they making something out the current nostalgia for the old UK punk days.

For this year, it’s all about dark roasted malt.

From WhiskyReviews, “A big mouthful of flavour with a pleasant oily texture. Brine. The aromas of stony beaches and seashells evaporate off the palate. Thick, almost acrid smoke like sitting too close to a campfire. Liquorice. Aniseed. Pepper. Earthier peat notes towards the back. A little paprika along with the pepper. Water released some creamy malt and vanilla but always with a robust, malty base underneath. The finish is smoky and long, though perhaps not as intense as you’d expect.

Thoughts: As you can probably tell from my notes, I’m thoroughly enjoying this whisky”.

So grab a jam-jar of Ardcore, get out your old Vivvian Westwood bondage wear and sit back and watch the docu-drama on the Sex Pistols.