Pineau des Charentes: From France and where grape juice is fortified with brandy spirit and then aged in French oak.  A delicious sweet and spicy aperitif.

Balvenie: One of the great wonders of the modern distilling trade, and not afraid of experimenting with interesting barrel finishes.  Such as this limited edition.

From SingeMaltSavvy, “Sharp spice at first, ginger, shortbread, icewine, key lime, Fun Dip stick, a bit of mint, some oak-driven vanilla, lemon. Water brings out a much deeper burnt sugar sweetness along with notes of grapes, cooked oats, chocolate orange, and just a bit of oak. Finish Marzipan, vanilla icing, more chocolate carries over from the palate, a bit of earthiness, more ginger (crystalized this time), grapefruit, honey, green melon”.