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Sold out!

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In this current 2022 climate of high demand and very slow shipping, getting hold of any Ben Nevis is a near enough a miracle.

What started off as limited edition of a homage to the past, when Long John’s Dew Of Ben Nevis was one of the most popular single malts in the UK, is now a regular feature of the Ben Nevis range.  And that’s right, a fully marketed, distillery bottled single malt from the great era of blends of the late 19th century..

And this new version also has a number of surprises as well. Although young, possibly a 5yo, older malts up to 13yo are also used in the vatting. And one more surprise: them malt comes from both Port Ellen maltings and it’s peated to 35ppm.

From Malt-Review Oct 2022, “Regardless of my hopes and dreams, I like this one. For me, this is a balanced and two-faced whisky. Since the nose is fruit-heavy while the mouth is more cereal-heavy. There’s enough peat, smoke, fruitiness, and cereal flavors in it. It’s a shame that this seems to be a once-in-a-while release despite not being considered a limited-edition OB.

Get this if you can. How much peated OB Ben Nevis is out there, after all?”

Score: 7/10



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