Looks like the Islay Barley range of unpeated malts from Bruichladdich, was first released in 2013.  And from memory, that unpeated style was commonly associated with old bottlings of the Laddie.

Official notes read, “Delicate, light, floral notes and a creamy vanilla with rich, floral honey rise from the glass. Kiwi, melon, coconut, and ripe pear freshness combine beautifully into a fruity citrus style to provide that zesty, sweet signature of the Islay grain and the slow trickle distillation.”

From Whisky Mag’s Christopher Coates, “Light and easy going on the palate. It’s distillate forward and a touch youthful but tempered by stewed apples and pears, vanilla cream and jasmine tea. Finish: White grape, vanilla and gentle green tea dryness fade quickly. 7.6/10”.