Bruichladdich Celtic Nations Blended Islay & Irish Malt Whisky


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Certainly atypical, but it works well…

Sold out!

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A one-off experiment that run foul with the Scotch Whisky Association.  Probably what you’d expect from Bruichladdich, in those heady and ground breaking days in 2006.

Combines Cooley Irish whiskey and Bruichladdich single malt from Islay.

As one retailer put it, “An experimental edition from Bruichladdich of Scottish Whisky & Irish Whiskey. This was to be the first of 9 releases until the industry watchdog stepped in and stopped it. So this is the only one”.

From Dave Broom, ” Big impact. Tingling alcohol. Some herbal notes. Gentle and clean with a hint of smoke.
Long, full and clean.  As a blend of Scottish and Irish whiskies this is certainly atypical, but it works well”.

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