Bruichladdich Octomore 5yo 07.1 208ppm

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Powerful, saturated, coal…

Only 1 left in stock


You would think Octomore is all about pure brutality, but every time I taste it, I just can’t get over how so well it has been put together.

Here’ some early notes of mine and others around the mid 2000’s as 07.1 was released in 2015…

Here I go…”After the massive 6.3, 258ppm monster came the tame 208ppm 7.1. The release year, 2015 was important as this was when Mr Jim McEwan stepped down as head distiller. All American oak matured and this is why I think this style works: loads of sweet oak to match the dryness of the smoke”.

From Calmar on Whisky Base, “Powerful, saturated, coal, pepper-ginger wave, sweetness is simply indecent, smoked, smoke, burnt sugar. 89pts.”

NB: Cellar scuffed canister.

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