Bruichladdich 1992 29yo Black Art 9.1


Sold out!

The viscosity and depth to this dram are out of this world…

Sold out!


The 2021 release of Bruichladdich’s exquisitely elderly single malt whisky. The spirit was made in 1994, just before it was once again, closed by the current owners.

And it comes with a twist.  According to the distillery, “Matured in unrivalled quality oak, this unpeated spirit’s recipe is held in absolute secret – as is customary with every Black Art edition before it”

Official notes read, “The viscosity and depth to this dram are out of this world; the oak notes of tobacco and brown sugar, chocolate and coconut provide the base for all those wonderful fruit combinations to shine. A drop of water and a second sip further explore the woven layers of this remarkable whisky.  The succulent fruit sweetness lasts for an age on the palate, apricot, mango and baked banana, toasted sweet oak, honey and vanilla – you just don’t want it to end”.

From DrinkHacker, “The wine influence is even stronger — ruddy and downright hoary with that unmistakable PX character. It’s incredibly nutty, with well-oxidized wine notes throughout — giving the finish a slightly sour, heavily Maderized character. (The more I sip on this, the more Madeira casking I figure is in the mix.) Touches of fruit are fleetingly enticing at the very start, but they’re quickly washed away. The finish is mouth-coating and a bit muddy, devoid of much-needed sweetness or nuance.

Hannett knows his way around the warehouse, but this whisky never finds the balance it would probably like. Black Art can often be divisive; this one probably more than most”.


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