Buffalo Trace Eagle Rare 11yo Single Barrel Dark Cherry Ripe Kentucky Straight Bourbon


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A syrupy cherry dipped treat…

Sold out!

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Australia only release for 2023.

I know it states 10yo on the front of the bottle.  But importers assure me it’s an 11yo, Australia only bottling of one of the great American whiskeys, Eagle Rare.

I suspect that a deal was done to take the standard ER bottles rather than have new ones made up.  So, check the side label for all the details.

All the mashbills at Buffalo Trace are kept a closely guarded secret, but we do know that distillery’s mashbill #1 is employed for this spirit.  So, that means a low rye content, less grassy/green flavours, more corn and malt richness.

And with this special, the Dark Cherry Ripe refers to the unique flavour of this whiskey that is derived from the casks, which this Bourbon has in abundance.

From the importers, “This whiskey is a syrupy cherry dipped treat. With hints of chocolate up front with dark fruits, hence the name Dark Cherry Ripe. A classic bourbon on the palate, toffee, caramel and oak all very apparent. The finish is lush with tobacco and leather”.

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