Cadenhead Distillerie Dupont 13yo Pays D’Auge Calvados


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rich ripe apple peach and pears, almond paste and orange…

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And now we delve into the delicious world of apple brandy, and it’s most famous exponent is the French region of Calvados. Located on the coastal region of Normandy. Both Alembic (pot) and continuous stills are used in the region and local French oak is used in maturation.

Distillerie Dupont was founded in 1887 and use a wide range of apple varieties to produce their Calvados and their AOC spirit is then double distilled. Local, new, lightly toasted French oak casks are them used for maturation.

From Whisky Tasting Room, “Palate:Apple Strudle, pear, mango and marzipan. Finish:Rhubarb, red grapes and candied orange peel. Nose seems very fruity indeed, tropical fruits with some cherry and lime maybe! Palate to Finish is outstanding! Ok this is a calvados for sure with some very rich ripe apple peach and pears, almond paste and orange and honey with a little hint of grapes and fresh cream cakes”.

Official notes read, “Bottled at 44.8%, this calvados has notes of various tropical fruits before transitioning to darker, red fruits in the finish, accompanied by more dessert elements”.”


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