Cadenhead Individual Cask Cambus 28yo Single Grain


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A perplexing, unique and rewarding experience…

Only 2 left in stock

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For a distillery that once produced what can only be termed “abominable” spirit, there is today a massive cult following for its bottlings. And it gets even more frantic when it is a Cadenhead bottling.

The official notes read, “Big and chewy with more peanut butter with faint soft wood smoke. Honeycomb, cinnamon and dried fruits.”

While a comment from Malt, “A perplexing, unique and rewarding experience, but not for everyone. Sulphur? Not for me, despite the rubber, other characteristics and flavours came through. 7/10”

French or American oak that had cabernet sauvignon in it, output unknown. Our allocation: pitiful.

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