It really is quite rare to see a very well aged American whiskey.  generally, their hot an damp climate is against them.

But maybe, Wm Cadenhead matured it in Campbeltown?

Last time Cadenheads put out a Tennessee whiskey, it sold out instantly. But, sadly, we still don’t know which distillery it came from. And there are at least 17 distilleries with in this state.  With the prominent ones being George Dickel, and Jack Daniels.

My notes from a quick tasting, “Deep red, big lush oak, smoky honey, autumn fruits. Angular, wood tannins, dark toffee, burnt sugar, great length , dense, lingering.  What a dram!”

Cadenhead notes read, “Tennessee whisky from the same distillery as a previous popular Cadenhead’s release, this product of the Volunteer State has smooth caramel and honey notes – the soft nature of this dram will owe much to the Lincoln County process required by state law. Slight hints of root ginger add a little kick to the finish but the smoothness is further emphasised by the sweetened butter that appears to add another layer”.

From Wikipedia regarding the Lincoln County Process, “Nearly all Tennessee whiskeys undergo a filtering stage called the Lincoln County Process, in which the whiskey is filtered through (or steeped in) a thick layer of maple charcoal before it is put into new charred oak barrels for aging”.