Cadenhead Original Collection Ardmore 11yo Pinot Noir Finish


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Fresh manure that hits the spot…

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I have to say that over the last few years, independent bottlings of Ardmore have been quite excellent.  Where the official releases have been “nice” the indies can be quite exciting.  And as we have all noticed, Ardmore is not shy in using a good dose of peat in their maltings.

So, seeing this on the manifest, got me excited.  And look at the cask finish: pinot noir.

Anybody know where the pinot comes from?

From DramFace, “Less robust and rugged than I was expecting. Ashy on the finish but faintly, more cracked black pepper, a coal bunker, figs, tobacco and ground clove. Flashes of aniseed midway, dark chocolate, baked potato skin. A gentle smokiness throughout, assisted by bacon fat, embers and orange zest. Wholemeal bread and a farm yard vibe”.

DramFace also goes on to declare, “Fresh manure that hits the spot”.

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