Cadenhead Original Collection Fettercairn 15yo PX Sherry Bourbon Cask


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Marshmallows dipped in PX syrup!

Sold out!

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Twenty twenty three must the year of the PX sherry casks?  There just seems to heaps of indie bottlings using this famed ultra-sweet and dense sherry casks.

And so far, they have all been quite excellent.

And for this new realase, we have a well aged Fettercairn, a once much maligned single malt (reminiscent of cabbage water) that was generally destined for the blenders market.  But in the recent decade, the current owners Whyte & McKay have started to put some effort into making a quality richly sweet malt.

So, to get hold an older malt is quite a treat, especially when it is matured in PX sherry (60%) and bourbon (40%) casks.

From WhiskySaga, “Rich and full bodied. Again big of fruitiness. Dark, sweet and most definitely with a PX influence. Some spiciness – white pepper and cinnamon. A touch of oakiness.  Medium long. The bourbon casks do get their fifteen seconds of fame now with a wave of lighter fruitiness of the more tropical persuasion, as well as notes of icing sugar and marshmallows (dipped in PX syrup!)”.

Official notes read, “Caramelised apple, toffee apples, strawberries, burnt toast.  Slight hoppy note, red fruits, cherry pie. Good balance, not overpowering”.


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