Part of the Chivas Bros (Pernod Ricard) this relatively unknown distillery is one of the main suppliers of malt to the Ballantines blend.  So as the Malt Whisky Year book put it, “If official releases are scarce, independent bottlers make up for the loss.

Founded in 1897 by non other than one of the major whisky barons of the 19th and 20th centuries, one James Buchanan.

The house style has been described as tasting fruity, nutty, toffee and chocolate.

So Maidenheads seem to want to improve that style by maturing it in a fortified wine and a smaller American oak cask. Flavoursome indeed.

Official notes read, “This bottling is sweet, light and fruity with notes of pears and peaches accompanying the ice cream with chocolate elements. There are wine notes in this one, with a finish that is both rich and warming.”