Cadenhead Small Batch Strathclyde 1989 29yo Grain


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Complex and full of unusual flavours…

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Strathclyde is a massive grain distillery owned by Pernod Ricard, located in that “quaint” Glasgow suburb of the Gorbals. This plant produces 40 million litres of spirit at 94.5% alc, every year!!

And most of this manly wheat based spirit goes into blending. But even grain distillers like to pop some aside for some advanced maturing. And occasionally it does get bottled, especially by the likes of Wm Cadenhead.

Aged grain spirits are exotic as they are complex and full of unusual flavours to those that are not familiar with these types of spirits.

All American oak matured. Only 330 bottles released an according to Cadenheads, “Very chewey. Cinnamon toast and hints of lime. The finish has hints of paprika, peppermint and dark chocolate.”

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