Chateau De Laubade 1972 Bas Armagnac Bottles 2022


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Well-balanced, superbly long, lingering…

Only 2 left in stock

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Chateau De Laubade is a well established, family owned growers and distillers of Armagnac, the rustic brandy from Gascony in France.

Distillation is achieved though a small and traditional continuous still with all the spirit initially aged in the dark and flavoursome Gascony oak. Like their cousins in Cognac, when the spirit reaches maturity, it is then placed in dames-jeannes, that is glass jars, for long term storage and theoretically further ageing.

And Hurrah!  We have a bottling date: 2022.  I’ll let you do the ageing maths.

The grape used are: Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche & Baco.

From IdealWine, “This 1937 vintage has a particularly well-rounded nose, giving off vanilla and candied fruit notes. On the palate, this Bas Armagnac is framed by flavours of dried fruits, walnut and fig. As a whole, it is incredibly well-balanced, with a superbly long, lingering finish”.

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