Chichibu Ichiros Malt And Grain Limited World Blended Whisky

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A symphony of flavors…

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One would have to say, that this is one spectacular blend where the countries of origin have been declared on the back label:  England, Canada, United States, Ireland, Scotland and Japan.

I’ll leave it to the importer to explain the difference between the Limited and the White Label M&G, “You can expect the blend to include Scotch Whisky, Canadian Rye Whisky, American Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, and Ichiro’s own Japanese single malt Whisky. Each Whisk(e)y is aged for at least 10 years before vatting; many of the sourced whiskies are aged 20–40 years. It is packaged in Mizunara oak”.

Once again  makeup is not disclosed, but we do know that it is 30% malt and 70% grain whiskies.  A nice puzzle to sort out on a quiet evening.

An effusive review from BestOfWines, “On the palate, Chichibu Ichiro’s Malt & Grain World Blended Whisky Limited Edition reveals a symphony of flavors. The smooth and velvety texture coats the tongue, delivering a delightful combination of sweet toffee, ripe fruits, and a subtle touch of spice. The careful blending of malt and grain whiskies creates a complexity that evolves with every sip, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.

The finish is long and satisfying, with lingering notes of oak and a gentle warmth that lingers. This whisky invites contemplation and encourages the drinker to savor each moment of the tasting experience”.

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