Chichibu Ichiros Malt And Grain World Blended Whisky

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Honey, vanilla cream, lemon zest…

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One would have to say, that this is one spectacular blend as the countries of origin have been declared on the back label:  England, Canada, United States, Ireland, Scotland and Japan.

And it is also commonly called the, “White Label”. The makeup is also not disclosed, but we do know that it is 30% malt and 70% grain whiskies.  A nice puzzle to sort out on a quiet evening.

Plus, look out for the peat as well.

From the importer, “Each of the sourced world Whiskies are aged between three and 20 years in their countries of origin before being brought to Chichibu for 2–3 years of additional aging”.

But this is where Mr Akuto gets really clever, as a solera system (fractional blending) is employed for the blending.  Just like sherry and now, an increasing number of Aussie producers as well.

From88Bamboo, “Very much flavour forward – honey, vanilla cream, lemon zest and lemon sherbet, yellow kiwis and a light bit of yellow banana flesh and custard apple. There’s a good hit of pepper here, sawdust, malt husk, ginger, and a little bit of crushed walnuts. More of that buttery malt, butter cookies and then some lacquered oak.

Finish: It’s more drying here with more oaky woodiness that comes with a light bitterness on what is an otherwise long finish with quite a bit of warmth. There’s receding notes of honey, peppercorns and vanilla cream”.


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