Chichibu Ichiro’s Wine Wood Reserve Japanese Blended Malt Whisky

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Spiced honey with gentle red fruits…

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With this Chichibu blended malt, we can all get rather excited as there is a dose of Hanyu malt.  Now, I thought most Hanyu’s were matured in sherry oak, but according to the importers, the oak that used was French but the wine used in that oak is a Japanese red!

Has anybody ever tried a Japanese red? Do tell!

And just to add another degree of mystery to this blend, 20-hectolitre egg-shaped French oak barrel, were used to mature the Chichibu spirit.

Has anybody ever tried an egg shaped barrel matured whisky before? Do tell!

An earlier revew from 88Bamboo, “Mellower on the palate than on the nose – more of spiced honey with gentle red fruits of raspberries, blackberries, cranberries macerated and left to infuse water – not the sort of fruit jam you might be used to. This is more fruit-infusion. There’s a noticeable fizziness of lemon candy, alongside some honey. It’s more buttery on the palate in terms of texture and reminds me of an baked apple pie actually. There’s an oaky astringency as well. It’s overall only lightly sweet, more mellow here but still tending towards the more tart citric side of things. Clean, fairly short, but quite delightful. Reminiscent of raisin bread dough – more towards dried fruits, baking spices, butter and more maltier here”.


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