Copper Fox Apple Brandy Finished Batch AB2 Virginia Rye


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Oily, spicy, and bold…

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A new release for late 2020 to which I did have the privilege of trying. Where I used to think that the Copper Fox Cognac cask was their best spirit, now I’ve changed my mind.

The apple brandy casks just adds a decent layer of rich, spicy cooked apple lustre to these, at times, challenging, crisply grassy rye whiskies.

Typical of Copper Fox, both applewood and cherrywood are used for lightly smoking the 1/3 malted barley, 2/3 rye grain bill while applewood and oak chips chips are also employed for the maturation of the spirit in ex bourbon barrels. And then…the resulting whisky is then aged for a short time in apple brandy casks.

Official notes read, “Oily, spicy, and bold with cinnamon apples, clove, warm cider, and chewy caramel.”

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