Cotswolds Founders Choice English Single Malt

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Toffee, chocolate and red fruits…

Only 2 left in stock

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Meet the Costwold Distillery’s red wine oak influenced, cask strength single malt.  This Founder’s Reserve replaces the older Batch labelled offerings.

So I presume it is now  part of the regular lineup?  As with most of the Cotswold range, the purity of the malt always draws me in.  And it gets even better at cask strength.

From the Spirit Safe, “Warming cereal and toast notes, with lots of fresh red fruits and butterscotch.  Hints of spicy oak, lots of dried fruit and a lingering nutty, dry note”.

Official notes read, “These highly active casks were created by our mentor and renowned whisky consultant, the late Dr. Jim Swan, and give a rich and intense maturation to our fruity new make spirit, offering strong notes of toffee, chocolate and red fruits, as well as a beautiful, deep colour”.

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