Cotswolds Peated Cask Strength English Single Malt Whisky

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Smoky vanilla ice cream…

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Awarded Best World Whisky at the International Whisky Competition 2020

Take that ultra refined spirit that comes off the Cotswold’s stills and then age that spirit in quarter casks that previously held Scottish peated malt.  And what you get is an undoubted winner.

It’s all about balance and suppleness.

From Dramtime, “Creamy peat smoke layered with light fruits and tannin-rich wood.  Lasting finish of smoking embers, floral honey and woody sugars”.

Official notes read, “A delightful and moreish cask strength single malt with subtle hints of peat smoke on the palate which complement the vanilla notes from the oak and the fruitiness of our single malt spirit. Think ‘smoky vanilla ice cream’, as our distillers like to describe it!”


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