Dingle Distillery Irish Pot Still Gin

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A truly elite gin that does it all…

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From Co Kerry comes Dingle Distillery’s very own gin.

Made with water from the distillery’s own well and infused with local botanicals such as rowan berries from the mountain ash trees, fuchsia, bog myrtle, heather and hawthor, it’s a true taste of the Kerry landscape.

From Good Gin-Tensions, “Juniper leads strongly on the palate with strong floral notes, and a tinge I’d associate with orange marmalade, or orange blossom, which add a slightly ethereal sweetness, before you find the herbal notes on the back end, mint, menthol, angelica, coriander, pepper and a crisp bite of ginger or cinnamon at the very end. The finish is thin and herbaceous, cooling and very smooth.

Overall rating: 93 – A truly elite gin that does it all”.


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