Distillerie Bertrand Uberach 18yo Jaune Paien Single Cask Alsace Single Malt Whisky


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Fresh yellow fruits…

Only 1 left in stock


Hailing from Alsace, that famous wine region renowned for their full boded whites, this distillery has built a fine reputation for classic French, fruit based, eau-de-vie’s.  But since 2012, the owners have turned their attention to single malt whiskies.

Using the intriguing Holstein still, a mix of pot and column, an important feature of this distillery is the use of French oak wine barrels that once stored a variety of wine styles, especially sweet ones.

And Bertrand’s distilling philosophy? Local, atypical and 100% French taste.

For this new 2023 release, there are two extraordinary features of this malt: Firstly it’s age.  That would have to be oldest mainland Europe malt I have ever tasted.  Secondly, the distillery has used a finishing cask that once contained that curious tellow wine of Jura: Jaune Paien, or “yellow devil”.

My rough notes read, “Fresh, yellow fruits, light confectionary lift, clean, oak aged white wine notes. Tangy, sweet capsicum, interesting and yet an odd spice character with a hint of white pepper.  Good length with persistence”.

Frpm Whizzky, “The end result is remarkable. The whisky has a nose of nuts and citrus before giving way to a mouth focused on the yellow fruit, a logical result in view of the barrels used, and having a good length. It is 48.2% and is not filtered, which adds to its originality”.

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