Domaine De Joy 1962 Armagnac

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Classic apple and spice notes…

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In the heart of Gascony in France lies a vineyard  that is faboulsy named, Domaine De Joy.  Owned by the Gessler family since the early 1900’s, the vineyard is mainly used for table wine production.  But only 10% of the property is used for Armagnac.

Only three grape varieties are used for making their Armagnac: Ugni Blanc, Bacco and Folle Blanche, with the distillation done on their own continuous still.   Local Gascon Black Oak is employed for maturation. The style the Gessler’s are looking for a fruity and supple spirit.

From Winestyle, “The aroma of Armagnac pronounced rancio tones, which are complemented by classic apple and spice notes”.


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