Dudognon 15yo Grand Champagne Cognac Napoleon


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With 15 years barrel-aging, it is at once flavoursome and concentrated…

Only 1 left in stock

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It is so nice to see age statements being given out by the importers for Cognacs that are normally so elusive in telling you how old they are.  The grapes come that famed region, Grande Champagne, just north of Bordeaux, and yes, it has nothing to do with the fizz region, but the soils here are closely to what you get in Champagne.

The Dudognon family has been growing and distilling since 1776.  The spirits are distinctive and full bodied and can and do hold their own against more fancied and better known Cognac houses.

And best of all…no caramel colouring is employed!  And the stills are still wood-fired and only new Limousin French oak is used for maturation.

A well know retailer states, “With 15 years barrel-aging, it is at once flavoursome and concentrated whilst also retaining an air of elegance. This is a refined cognac, presenting high-notes of citrus along with a suggestion of tropical fruit.”

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