Elixir Distillers 1920’s Blenders Whisky Glass

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A most extraordinary item of glassware…

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This has to be one of the most extraordinary items of glassware I have ever seen.  And it’s based on a 1920’s design…for whisky blenders.

Just take a look at that tiny opening, talk about concentrating the aroma!  But I suspect this glass is about getting all the subtleties of a blended whisky  concentrated in one small space.  And for me, this also means any subtle faults will really be exposed.

Produced by none other than the then, offshoot of the famed The Whisky Exchange in London, the official notes read, “The onion shape helps to concentrate the aromas and flavours, leading to a greater sensory experience.

This unique glass holds up to 225ml of whisky”.

Unique indeed.

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