Fleurieu Distillery 3yo First Release Port Cask

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Founded by Angela and Gareth Andrews in 2016, it didn’t take long for us in the trade and the whisky drinking public to realise that we were witnessing the birth of something very special with this South Aussie distiller.

And when you talk to them you’ll realise why. this couple are not only craftspeople but also technocrats. They know the chemistry and physics of both spirit production and oak handling at a university level.  And their malts are not over polished, perfectly made, bland offerings. There is that X factor that adds intrigue, complexity and enjoyment to their drams. And see if you can taste their newmake. It is sublime.

So, this is their first release.

Here’s what I wrote about it some time ago, “I met Angela and Gareth Andrews some time ago at a Wheaty function and for Gareth,  a chap who is a self-declared shy person, once warmed up there is no stopping him, especially when the topic turns to whisky. And importantly when it turns to the making of whisky.

They were brewers that felt that whisky making for more important. So they gave up the brewing! Their attention to detail, thorough understanding of the art and process of distilling and importantly the primary role of oak was in a word, breathtaking.

So this is his first release and what a joy it is. This 3yo is all about softness, texture, balance, maltiness and just the right amount of oak. And it has it by the bucket loads as it is so rich and textured. There’s hints of cinnamon, soy sauce, soft citrus fruitiness and lingering barley sugar flavours. And I thank the the supreme whisky deity that he bottled it at 52%. Only 600 bottles produced”.

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