Fleurieu The Jabberwocky South Australia Single Malt


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A little peated, a little wild…

Sold out!

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I love the Andrews’ opening line for this “barrel ends” malt, “A little peated, a little wild…” and it is pleasing to see this one at 52%.  I presume that is the “wild” nature of this literary beast.

The barrel ends are a mix of Apera and tawny casks used for other bottlings.  Once gain, hallmark long and rich palate, plenty of kitchen spice and the Scottish peated malt shows though.

In the Andrew’s words, “classic Fleurieu pastrami umami DNA overlaid with deep raisin and fig sweetness on the front of the palate. This is carried through by a malty barley backbone to a delightful finish of toffee vanillin notes. The subtle overlay of smoke giving it just a hint of danger.”

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