Glen Scotia Victoriana Deep Charred Oak Cask Finish

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Wweet sour combo of misty-eyed opulence…

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With my whisky life being so heavily involved in one of the Campbeltown distilleries, I have been remiss in not taking a closer look at the “other” Campbeltown producer, Glen Scotia.

And their renaissance has certainly contributed, in a big way, to Campbeltown’s rebirth as a multi-distillery whisky region.

And this malt also helped by winning  major trophy and gaining extensive praise from a variety of well-known bloggers.  Such as the following…

From Dramface, “It’s gorgeous whisky. No matter what the mood I find myself in, with a wee pour of Victoriana the world and all its troubles fade away into a hushed reverence, and the whisky becomes the spectacle”.

And it’s makeup?  I’ll let Connosr explain, “There’s quite a convoluted method to the cask make up of these but, to sum up – selected ex bourbon casks are filled into heavy charred American oak and 30% px for a year or so, with a final marrying period of a couple of months”.

Convoluted indeed.

And finally another word from Dramface, “It’s a nicely balanced sweet sour combo of misty-eyed opulence”.


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