Glencairn Crystal Jacobite Traditional Scottish Whisky Glass Gift Boxed


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Raising a stylish toast to the  “King over the water”…

Sold out!

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I’ve always been fascinated by how whisky glassware has evolved over time (read my thoughts here) so seeing this particular glass being offered for sale, bought a great amount of joy to me.

Now, this is not a receptacle that the poor buggers at the bottom of the food chain would have used.  Their’s would have been wooden bowls or at best pewter bowls of tankards.

This glass was for the hoi poloi as glass was so massively expensive as was available only in very small quantities. And that’s what the Jacobites, supporters of the “Bonnie Prince Charlie”, were.

This lead-free crystal glass honours the way whisky was drunk by these powerful and highly influential Scottish families of the times.  And there is a ripper article from the National Galley Of Victoria about Jacobite glassware that should be read here.

And believe it or not, this glass  is a hand-made product, so please be aware that there might be a small amount of variation from glass to glass.

So, let’s raise a toast to the “King across the water”…




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