Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix


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Honeyed and fruity…

Sold out!

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Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix
Single Bottle Only.

A collapse of several Glenfiddich distillery roofs in 2010 followed after weeks of heavy snow. The casks that included Oloroso and ex-Bourbon casks were exposed to sub freezing temperatures.

So as you do, Glenfiddich decided to bottle it!

The spirit is aged somewhere between 12 and 30 years of age.

From TheCasks, “Honeyed and fruity to start, with the Oloroso influence quietly coming through next to some hints of bittersweet chocolate. 47.6% doesn’t exactly scream high alcohol whisky, but this does begin to burn nicely on the palate. Grows really pretty spicy and numbing with the alcohol and wood building to a delicious, juicy, yet tannic fireball.

The Finish: Spicy and oaky with nice lingering acidity. Just the faintest wisp of wood smoke sneaks in towards the very end”.

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