Glenturret 10yo Peat Smoked 2023 Release

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Lingering white pepper smokiness…

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Once upon a time, distilleries defined themselves by being either a smoky malt producer or a non-peaty producer. Evan the regions were once talked about either having a smoky whisky or not.

But in this modern age, most distilleries across Scotland do both.

Welcome to the 2023 edition of Glenturret’s Peat Smoked single malt whisky.  And what intrigues me, is that the source of the peat, comes from a number locations across the Highlands.  Now, that is adding a sense of intrigue to me.

My initial thoughts, “Sweet malt, good length, rich and creamy texture, subtle oak  and then…peppery peat just covers the entire palate, leaving a dry, intense and lingering crisp malt and white pepper smokey finish. Ace!”

Official notes read, “DARK SMOKE from a newly lit fire, SWEET CITRUS and VANILLA. SALTED CARAMEL leads into SMOKY WOOD SPICES which drift into the distance. As Scotland’s oldest working distillery, The Glenturret Distillery has an extraordinary provenance that is second to none in Scottish whisky”.



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