Heartwood Not Too Far From The Tree Charles Oates Apple Brandy Oloroso Cask

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So pure, complex and very intriguing…

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I finally got to try this spirit a couple of weeks ago in Sydney.  I was in need of a drink, as a large and boisterous Tasmanian was extensively waxing lyrical about just how good Tassie malts were. I couldn’t get away.  My will to live was slipping.

But I was saved by an equally large and boisterous Tasmanian, this time with a glass of “brandy”made from the fruit we have always associated with Van Dieman’s land…apples!

And what a treat it was.  So pure, complex and very intriguing.  And the oak handling was just superb.  Subtle fruity and mildly spicy oak worked really well the high quality spirit that came off the Charles Oates (Willie Smith) distillery.

Double distilled, oloroso cask matured and then comes the heartwood treatment.

I fell in love.

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