Henriques & Henriques Monte Seco Extra Dry Madeira Fortified Wine


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A real tang of orange, fresh, breezy…

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You like single malts aged in fortified wine casks?

Now’s your chance to try that original fortified wine!

Henriques & Henriques:  A privately owned company dating back to 1850, Henriques & Henriques is the largest independent producer and shipper of Madeira. They’ve been shipping wines under their own label from the island since 1925, and unlike most of the other shippers, they actually own some of their own vineyards.

Madeira: Madeira is a fortified wine from the island of the same name in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal. Often grown on terraced vineyards, Madeira is produced in a range of styles from off-dry to sweet, always with elegance and a distinctive, refreshing close.

From WineBuyers, “A modern recreation of a style introduced by John Cossart’s father in 1938, and often used as the base for a Dry Martini. Tinta Negra Mole pressed and run off skins. Lovely nose with nutty notes, plenty of rich, almond and walnut. On the palate lovely freshness, with a real tang of orange and fresh, breezy almost salt and ozone acidity. Delicious aperitif wine, served cold”.

Official notes, “The Monte Seco is a pale, off-dry aperitif wine which is particularly delicious chilled or on the rocks (with some citrus rind) or as a long cool drink with tonic. It can also work as a mixer in cocktails. It goes really well with smoked salmon, other smoked fish, cured or charcuterie”.

NB: 500ml bottle

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