Holyrood Elizabeth Yard Diamond Port Mourant 2003 18yo Single Cask Guyana Rum


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Heavy oily green plant deliciousness…

Only 2 left in stock


Holyrood is a relatively new distillery based in the heart of Edinburgh, their Elizabeth Yard range is their independent bottling arm.

And Elizabeth Yard is an old Royal Navy victualing yard, , oily distillateence the association with rum.  Splice the main-brace I say!!

This Guyana based distillery has one massive claim to fame.  It is the only rum distillery that still owns and operates three types of wooden stills.  Yep! That’s right, wooden stills.  And for this bottling, it is the Port Mourant type, where one wooden still is connected to the another which is then connected to a condenser.  So, it’s almost a continuous post still.

The spirit style according to Diffords is, “This configuration causes tremendous reflux, producing a very heavy bodied oily distillate as the congener levels are practically doubled.”

Official notes read, “The still set up creates a heavy oily green plant deliciousness that we can’t get enough of”.

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