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Opening their doors in 2019, Holyrood is Edinbugh’s first distillery to open in the capital in over a 100 years. Specialising in innovative distilling techniques, it was founded by Dave Robertson, ex Macallan and the Kelly family from Canada.

As the distillery says, “As a new wave Scotch whisky maker we aren’t constrained by 200 years of traditional production”.

So, opening in 2019 means that they have yet to release a whisky, but they were not afraid to release to the public a four of their components that will eventually will be their new make.  And then their whisky.

In this case it’s all about crystal malt, a brewing malt famed for it’s colour and nutty, caramel-like, residual sweetness.

Official notes read, “This speciality malt is lightly toasted and is often used in the brewing of Bitters, adding a subtle sweet character. When used to create our New Make, Crystal Malt adds a caramel, and a toffee sweetness to the spirit”.

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