Holyrood New Make S04 Made By Edinburgh


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The first release of Holyrood new-make spirit…

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Opening their doors in 2019, Holyrood is Edinbugh’s first distillery to open in the capital in over a 100 years. Specialising in innovative distilling techniques, it was founded by Dave Robertson, ex Macallan and the Kelly family from Canada.

As the distillery says, “As a new wave Scotch whisky maker we aren’t constrained by 200 years of traditional production”.

So, opening in 2019 means that they have yet to release a whisky, but they were not afraid to release to the public a four of their components that will eventually will be their new make.  And then their whisky.

And here is their new-make!

Brewer’s yeast crossed with distiller’s yeast, a mix of chocolate and crystal malt and double distilled.

Official notes read, “In creating this unique New Make, we combined our learnings from our previous releases in the Brewer’s Series. Edinburgh ale yeast, with a mash bill recipe inspired by an 80 Shilling Ale recipe; a combination of distilling malt and two specialty malts; Crystal Malt, and Chocolate Malt”.

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