Jack Daniels Old No 7 Scenes From Lynchburg No 3 Tennessee Whiskey

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Classic JD Old No 7, but from a bygone era…

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The Scenes of Lynchburg series of Jack Daniel’s Old No 7, first began in 2003 with No 1. In 2005, Scene 3 was released, this time the scene is of Mr Lem Motlow’s hardware and general store.  Now JD’s Lynchburg’s merchandise store.  The series ran for 8 editions.

Now it get’s even more interesting, this bottle was sent from the famed White Rabbit Bottle Shop (tag on bottle) and it was signed and dated by none-other than Mr Jimmy Bedford.

And the taste? Classic JD Old No 7, but from a bygone era.

NB: There was no outer packaging or tags for this series.

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